USM Placing Absorbent Pads Machine, Ultrasonic

Being a new generation of machinery, USM 250 features a 2-point ultrasonic welding capability. Everything done without glue; it meets the highest standards of hygiene. Also, USM 250 has an ergonomic design and has proven to be extremely user-friendly so it can be easily operated by a single worker.

Their clock speed will be up to 150 trays / minute. With the utmost precision it inserts a pad into a plastic tray and fixes it there by ultrasound welding unit in several places. It is a guarantee for a tight fit of the deposits and thus secures transportation of fresh produce from your production floor into the kitchen of your customers.

Faster, safer, more flexible – USM

With the tray padding machine USM 250 you can process a maximum quantity of goods, while still saving energy.  Efficiency and environmental friendliness should not be mutually exclusive.
USM also fits perfectly into the production network.