Why should you trust LAD GmbH with pre-packing and packaging of your goods?

Whether you are packaging specials or creating promotional bundle or some combination of products - our trained staff will complete packaging jobs fast and reliably.

How outsourcing works on our side?

It's simple. After receiving the order and shipment of goods to be packaged at our production facilities (we can organize a pick up from your location) we provide our hard-working staff and packaging materials for the job. Delegating some of the packaging tasks to us through Outsourcing will not only save you production space but also payroll money for extra staff.

Since cost is depends on amount of time spent this type of outsourcing has proven to be particularly convenient and effective.

The LAD GmbH will help reducing challenges of production by taking responsibility for labor-intensive packaging services such as picking and labeling off your shoulders. In particular, the use of a machine makes picking difficult because of specifics of the process.